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Don't Hate Me Cuz I'm Beautiful... [entries|friends|calendar]
Blair Waldorf

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[17 Oct 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Blair groaned the whole Hayden thing was getting so out of hand..she walked over to her laptop and turned it on

Well this is for...everyone. I am not dating Hayden. I mean duh I'm with Nate. And since my mom wants me to name the baby I have decided, it's name is Yale. Aaron gave me the idea when he told me he had hooked up with that girl in Hawaii named Yail (pronounced Yale) So that's ganna be cool. But it's kind of sad that soon we'll all be off to college. It's terrible, I mean what am I going to do without my Natie?

ok well that's all.

b l a i r

She shut off her computer and fell into bed wondering what exactly to do with the whole Hayden thing

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Halloween Costumes [17 Oct 2004|10:40am]
[ mood | calm ]

Hey Hey Hey everyone! So I was wondering what costumes I should wear for Georgie and Rains Halloween Party!

Sexy CostumesCollapse )
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[09 Oct 2004|02:09pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Ok so yesturday was Kati's party, it was ausome. Nate and I got back together...and I met up with Hayden. Anyways, it was a really great party. Good job kati never thought you had it in you. But what was that thing about Kati and Sky? Hmmmm...


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[05 Oct 2004|10:15pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

::Blair flipped through the pages of her latest Cosmo magazine while she layed on her bed. There was a party tonight at Kati's, hot tub thing. And of course she would go, she had already missed out on some hang out at the Tribeca Star, and no one had told her. Those fucks. Kitty Minky suddenly jumped up onto her bed.::

"Hey baby.."

::She smiled just as she heard the front door slam, and that stupid mutt Mooka, or what ever, barked.::

"Aaron, your dog is scaring Kitty Minky!"

::She heard him come down the hall with the mutt in tow and poke his head into her room.::


::She rolled her eye's.::


"Oh sorry."

::He shut the door and Mookie barked again. She groaned and heard the door open and slam again and then heard Cyrus's booming vioce.::

Oh shit..

"Blair, Tyler, we're HOME!"

::She shut her magazine and threw it by the window, her room was now a light greenish color because of the new fucking baby. In fact it wasn't even her room anymore, and soon she would be moving into Aaron's room, and what about Kitty Minky? She couldn't stay in there with that stupid dog of his. Suddenly Cyrus walked in.::

"It's called knocking."

::He laughed and began to talk to her but she tuned his vioce out.::

"Ok." She said at the end of his annoying little speach and turned away while he walked out.::

"Kitty we need do something about this. She got off her bed and looked out the window.::

"We need to leave.."

::he looked back at the door then at her newly painted walls. Soon her furniture would be gone too. Any proof of her exsistence sold or painted over, or thrown away.::

"We need to run away.."


Early Morning [31 Jul 2004|11:42am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

::Blair woke up and got out of bed, disturbing the peace of her kitten Kitty Minky.::

"Sorry baby go abck to sleep.."

::She pet her cat then walked into her bathroom to brush her hair and get ready. She coudl hear her mom walking down the hall and Cyrus her ugly fat step father close behind her.::

God he could cause a fucking earthquake walking that hard!

::She put her brush down and went to get the French magazine her father had sent her.::

He might b egay but he's more sane then anyone else I live with...

::She began to flip through the pages when Aaron came in.::

"Blair I-"

"Aaron! God! I could have been naked!"

::Blair got up and slammed the door in his face, she was in no mood to deal with family, she went back on her bed and began to flip through the pages of her magazine once more.::

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